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Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ Three Grimiest Tracks

Sometimes with DJ names, there’s a little mystery to the origin of the name. What does it mean? Where did it come from? With Midnight Tyrannosaurus, it’s pretty clear why Florida-based producer Jason Figlioli came up with the name. The tracks he produces are as dark as midnight and sound like literal tyrannosaurus noises. He’s gaining recognition in the EDM scene, with support from Excision (the king of dinosaur sounds) and multiple releases listed on Beatport charts. If Midnight Tyrannosaurus isn’t already on your radar for some seriously dirty dubstep, he should be. With heavy bass that you feel in your heart and freaky vocal samples, he brings a wild new vibe to the dubstep world. Get ready to take a shower, because the tracks below from his latest EP, From the Depths, are filthy.

3. “King of the Deep”

This intro features an echo of an emergency evacuation warning and then blends into a deep, maniacal laugh. The drop launch you into outer space with wobbly wubs and a progressively nastier beat that grows deeper and darker, making Midnight Tyrannosaurus a real “king of the deep” dubstep with this track.

2. “Supreme Symbiote”

This starts off spooky, with creepy samples referencing Spiderman (“I am venom!”) and a downtempo beat that suddenly switches up to a quick and an aggressive drop. Mixed in are more psychotic laugh samples that seem to be a staple in Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ music. The vibes from this track and the irresistible head-banger beat will make you want to be a part of all the chaos.

1. “Brain Sludge”

This title is fitting for the griminess of this track. Not only does it have a beat as nasty as actual brain sludge, but it’s a track that will melt your brain with its unique sound. Its beginning is calmer with a funky flute tune but stays true to Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ grime with a neck-breaking tempo and heavy-hitting bass.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus is a unique breed of dubstep that we are all in need of. If you want to have your brain turn to sludge (in a good way) during one of his sets, you can catch him at this year’s Phoenix Lights on April 7. Get your tickets here.

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