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MOGUAI & Zonderling Go Retro On New Single

MOGUAI cemented himself in the electronic music industry almost two decades ago and has weathered all the trends since the fateful EDM boom of the early 2010s. The German producer attained over 100 million streams with his track, “Mammoth,” which also became the 2014 Beatport Track of the Year. This time, MOGUAI teamed up with fiery new talent, Zonderling to create their brand-new funky jam, “Lee,” on Oliver Helden‘s Heldeep records.

Beginning with a solid 8-bit scattered beat and boisterous vocals, “Lee” holds the industry at gunpoint, begging them for the re-acceptance of vocal house. Maybe we’ve had a few too many Ellie Goulding and Halsey-types for the last three years, but the soulful vocal runs featured on “Lee” are a smashing tribute to vocal house classics made throughout the 1990s. While only clocking in at 3:14, MOGUAI and Zonderling’s new track lights up the club floor with two distinct melodies and Eurythmics-inspired synth sounds.

Though the lyrics follow standard dance-format, the production style of their new single bounces with 1980s sensibilities, adding a different flavor to club music than what we’ve been hearing. By collaborating with Zonderling, MOGUAI is adding a bit more smooth grooves than most fans would expect. As the end of the track closes out with four-on-the-floor percussion, “Lee” shows its strengths through the contradiction of diverse simplicity. To experience their new single for yourself, check it out here.

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