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The Dreamiest Kaskade Songs to Fall in Love To

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air! To get yourself in the mood you’ll need some romantic tunes, and Kaskade is a classic choice. Everyone loves the popular progressive house DJ for his catchy melodies and beautiful vocals that seem to serenade the soul. He has become a household name in the EDM industry for his ability to create enchanting sounds that calm your soul and get your feet dancing. Not to mention he has six Grammy Award nominations, including one last year for his remix of RY X’s “Only” with Lipless. Here’s a list of Kaskade songs to get you daydreaming:

1. “Last Chance”

At first, the female voice in this song is almost sorrowful because of the high pitch and the way she draws out the notes. But Kaskade keeps the song cheerful by keeping a fast and fun beat to go with it. I love the lyric, “This is my one last chance to breathe.” It’s a relatable feeling to listeners, and the desperation in it is almost romantic.

2. “Disarm You” Ft. Ilsey

This track is disarming to anyone who listens to it. It’s my personal favorite song of Kaskade’s because of the sweet, sweet voice of Ilsey. Her voice radiates pure affection, which makes this song easy to dance or vibe to. It’s one of those tracks that can get you dreaming about love and happy times.

3. “Nobody Like You”

Kaskade released this song in September of last year, and honestly, I haven’t stopped listening to it since. The melodic feminine voice paired with a nice downtempo beat creates the perfect EDM love song. Even if your mind isn’t on love, it’s still a great song to put you in an even greater mood.

Kaskade will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with us at Crush this year on February 17. Get your tickets here!

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