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Three Odesza Songs to Awaken Your Spirit

Everyone has those songs that make their heart feel at peace, awakens their soul, and just makes them feel like everything’s going to be alright. Odesza‘s songs tend to do just that. The duo Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are musical gods for their ability to create songs that, without fail, connect with your spirit and make you feel undescribable emotions. They’re on tour right now celebrating their new A Moment Apart album that came out late last year. Below I’ve listed three Odesza songs, including one off the new album, perfect for late night drives and aligning chakras.

3. “Today”

The whispers and somber guitar that open this song make the hairs on your neck stand up. The slower beat, high-pitched whimsical voices, and an airy quality will take you on a spiritual journey every time you listen to it. The combination of deep and high-pitched sounds create feelings of melancholy and serenity at the same time. You know those scenes at the end of coming-of-age indie films where someone has an epiphany? This is the perfect song for that moment.

2. “Bloom”

This is one of Odesza’s most popular songs off of their 2014 album, In Return. It starts with a typical Odesza buildup and then explodes into powerfully emotive vocals that will grab you by the soul strings. I’ve seen clips of this song live, and it’s one of the most beautiful and striking sounds I’ve ever heard.

1. “Meridian”

I saved my favorite for last! “Meridian” was released as a single ahead of their new A Moment Apart album, and I’m not sure what we did to deserve it. It’s a song so otherworldly that it sounds like it belongs in the movie Avatar. Everything about the song sounds organic; the combined voices of the chorus in the background, the soothing notes, and ethereal high-pitched voices all blend together to create something sacred that sounds orchestrated by Mother Nature herself.

Odesza is making our dreams come when they make their stop in the desert. Save your spot for what will be an incredible experience by getting your tickets here.

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