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Watch it Wednesday: Virtual Self – ‘Ghost Voices’

Porter Robinson has been keeping the mystery alive with his alias, Virtual Self, which made its first appearance in Fall of last year. He has released a complete EP as Virtual Self so far, featuring five songs, each more vibrant than the last. His second single released before the EP was “Ghost Voices,” a hypnotic track that reminded us of classic Porter we know and love. Several months later brings us to today, when Virtual Self just released the highly anticipated music video for “Ghost Voices,” making it a clear choice for this week’s Watch it Wednesday. Check it out below.

Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Official Music Video)

Drawing from Japanese design, the video brings us to a futuristic, utopian time, featuring rooms full of computers, hooded figures with blurred, digitized faces, and snapshots of what look like anime characters. With a clear overall theme of technology in the new, digital world, Porter lives up to his new persona of a “Virtual Self” in his latest music video.

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