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Wolfgang Gartner and k?d Collaborate on’Banshee’

Up and comer k?d has been known to push the limits of EDM with his futuristic sound that transports you straight into another dimension. His music is eclectic, yet his songs always remain perfectly balanced to tell you a story within them. He first came onto the scene with his SoundCloud remixes of “Cliffs Edge” by Hayley Kiyoko, and GTA’s “Red Lips,” and as he gained popularity he could be seen performing at major festivals like our very own Phoenix Lights and Decadence in 2017!

Wolfgang Gartner (who has a plethora of aliases in the EDM world) is an amazing, multi-faceted artist. Having collaborations with Skrillex on “The Devil’s Den” and with deadmau5 on “Animal Rights,” he is, without a doubt, a big deal in the EDM scene. The latest song created by k?d and Wolfgang Gartner titled “Banshee” is nothing short of a fantastic collaboration. Check it out below.

Banshee starts off with light guitar tones, transitioning then into a feedback type of sound. As the build-up continues, the song drops into a twist of various elements. As the track goes, it is unpredictable in the best way. Progressing post-drop, the song builds up again to what I describe as a smooth, ‘vinyl record’ vocal build up and it is awesome! Overall, they’ve created an interesting tune with many dimensions that leaves us looking forward to more.

Connect with k?d: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Connect with Wolfgang Gartner: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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