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YehMe2 + A-Trak Collab on Epic EP and B2B Tour

Last month, YehMe2 and A-Trak announced an epic B2B tour. The tour kicks off February 8th in Texas and ends all the way in Sweden in June. To get the hype train rolling the two released a 2 ½ track (2 full songs and one preview) EP titled Skat Men that is a must-hear. Grab your headphones and check it out.

If you were on the fence about catching their show, the 8 minutes you take to listen to this EP will surely change your mind as it did mine. These two are clearly trending new ground and exploring new sounds with their collaboration. The track “Neo Woyko” is simply unlike anything I have ever heard before. It’s an exotic blend of mismatched genres that come together to create something unique. The next track EP is a groovy collab with Wuki titled “Take Me To The Barbershop,” followed by a percussion-driven, dancehall ready number, “Prayer Hands” preview. All in all, we give this collab and EP to thumbs up, we are looking forward to seeing how rest of it turns out.

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