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4 Fisher Songs to Reel You In

Paul Fisher, better known by his stage name Fisher, is one of the newest, yet fasting growing members of the DirtyBird family. Reigning from the Gold Coast in Australia, Fisher was once recognized as a surfer and began releasing his own music within the past year. Known for his funny and outlandish antics, he started gaining a following through his website,, where he would post videos that showed his amusing personality. Here are 4 Fisher songs to rell you in (as if you’re not laready caight!).

1. He may be new to the music scene, but his song “Ya Kidding” has garnered upwards of 830,000 plays on SoundCloud in the 8 months it’s been live. This song is one that gets your head bopping to the beat and gives your feet the urge to shuffle away. With effects reminiscent of a video-game system, the song really takes the listener in for an experience all their own. In itself, Fisher really outdoes himself with this tune as it is simple, yet easy to lose yourself in.

2. The effects in this song create a space-like feel, formulating an out of this world track. “Stop It” is a song that is seemingly related to “Ya Kidding.” The lyrics flowing back and forth, “moving up and down, side to side, like a rollercoaster.” As they state, the song follows suit in the pattern. Each wavy pattern builds upon each other to create a cohesive sound.

3. Caution: a tech-house beat that causes immense feelings to dance ahead! “Ya Didn’t” is a track by Fisher that uses the want to boogie in the song. Crafting the combinations of ideal beats, and crispy effects throughout its entirety, this is a track that will get you moving and grooving.

4. His newest track, “Crowd Control” is one that will blow listeners away. As a song, it captures the attention of the listener right off the bat. With a captivating intro that transitions with lyrics like, “now that I have your attention…” and counting continuation into “crowd control” the soothing-robotic tone of the vocals really captures the essence of the vibe that Fisher was aiming to bring. The bass within the song layered with a xylophone-esque effect generates a song that defies the barriers of tech-house EDM.

Fisher – Crowd Control

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