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Breathe In Duke Dumont’s Latest Release

Adam Dymant, better known as Duke Dumont, is one of the most creative electronic masterminds making music today. Amazingly enough, Dymant was born deaf. I know, right? With corrective surgery, he was able to hear and use his newfound hearing to pay closer attention to his interpretation to music–thus became Duke Dumont.

Over the past few years, Dumont has released plenty of world-wide break-through tracks including “Need U (100%)” and “I Got U.” Not to mention, his Grammy-nominated release “Real Life,” released in 2017. Duke Dumont’s latest release titled “Inhale” is just as groovy as you’d expect.

If you love upbeat and funky baselines, this tune is for you. Just like his other hit singles, Duke delivers a spunky feel and a general sense of happiness. Duke Dumont’s energy you can practically hear through his music. Dumont will be touring around Australia for the next two months, but will be headed back to the states in May!

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