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Diplo Releases ‘California’

Diplo is a man who needn’t an introduction, but just in case you need reminding, Diplo is of the most successful pioneers of modern-day EDM. His debut album, Florida, was released in 2004 and was the beginning of his superstar career. Raised in the hub of Northern Miami, Diplo was exposed to different kinds of people, places, and styles that influenced his LP. He’d eventually made the move to LA and his new home in California would become a new source of inspiration, hence his new EP title, California.

California is vastly different than Dip’s previous releases. We see him veer away from the classic “build up and drop” style for a mellow, laidback vibe. To help perfect his vision he enlisted the help of Desiigner, Santigold, Trippie Red, Goldlink and more. There’s clearly a comprehensive hip-hop-leaning trend on this new collection of work. Every song is carefully composed from background melodies to lyricism. My personal favorite track from the record is “Color Blind” feat. Lil Xan with it’s catchy rap verses and explosive classic “Diplo” sound.

Diplo’s success over the past decades and a half is the result of his ability to catch the newest waves and ride them all the way out to shore. His adaptability to the industry’s ever-changing sound is unrelenting and it shows with each new release. Lucky for all of us, Diplo himself is playing plenty of shows this coming season. You can catch him at Phoenix Lights to experience his consistently unique sets. Get your tickets here, you won’t regret it.

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