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Don Diablo’s New Album Takes Us to the ‘Future’

Don Diablo’s newest album, Future, can best be compared to a treadmill on “rolling hills” setting. Some songs are bangers that are sure to have crowds dancing, while other hits bring you back to reality with a slower tempo that is guaranteed to give you the feels. There wasn’t one song on that album that my roommate and I didn’t jam out too, and when the album ended we were hungry for more. Check it out below.


It’s incredible to see how far Diablo has come in his career.  With his music, it’s clear to see that future house isn’t going away anytime soon. The fearless third album from Diablo pulls on all emotions, from love to happiness, to sorrow and everything in between. This was the first time I’ve listened to any of Don Diablo’s tracks, besides seeing him at live sets, and once I finished the album I quickly went out check out the rest of his discography. Don Diablo is a founding father of Future House and it’s clear to see why. His lyrics are memorable and catchy. The songs work together so well and listening to the album from start to finish takes listeners on a journey.

Don Diablo’s live sets are perfection. They are the perfect combination of bass and emotion. Keep your eyes out for upcoming shows and enjoy the gift of music that Diablo has given to the world.

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