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Just A Gent ‘Red Lights’ Remix

Back in September, Kill Paris released his track “Red Lights” feat. Dotter. The song features a stunning upbeat tempo along with Dotter’s mesmeric vocals. It’s ability to be played over and over again is something that not many tracks or artists can pull off. It’s captivating chord progression has made this song one of my absolute favorites of 2017.

Just a few weeks ago, Just A Gent released his remix to “Red Lights” and somehow the song got even catchier. With the same style beat mixed in with the classic Just A Gent sound, it was hard not to fall in love.

Just A Gent’s grimey bass mixed in with this sweet melody called for a very pleasant surprise. As the track continues, the drop moves from bass to future bass, and I’m never one to complain about some well-placed synths. Needless to say, Just A Gent did what he does best and brought one of my favorite tunes back with a wild and well-done twist.

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