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Kasbo Drops His Debut Album ‘Places We Don’t Know’

Swedish producer and DJ Kasbo has been taking over the charts and capturing the attention of audiences around the world with his unique style of electronic and futuristic music. Kasbo just recently released his very own debut album consisting of 13 tracks called Places We Don’t Know. Check out the album on SoundCloud below!

Kasbo’s sound is raw and emotional, yet carries an energy to make you dance. He brings his heart into the music and intertwines it with the synths and vocal chops to create a musical experience that completely takes you by surprise. Kasbo mentioned on his SoundCloud page that the goal of the album is to make you dance and cry at the same time. Goal achieved! Every track of the 13-track collection is unique in its own right, making an overall superb EP.

Catch Kasbo next weekend at Phoenix Lights! Get more info and tickets here.

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