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Ray Volpe Remixes ‘Sick Boy’ by The Chainsmokers

After releasing music through Borgore’s label Buygore, receiving support from artists like Diplo, Excision, and Kill The Noise, and collaborating with dubstep icon Getter, Ray Volpe is a talented DJ/producer that brings a lot to the table when it comes to bass music.  The North Carolina native has solidified a distinct sound over the years that highlights elements such as advanced sound design, clever melodic phrasing, and even original vocal incorporation. With consistent music releases, the dubstep producer has yet another track out, and this time it’s a remix of The Chainsmokers’ recent single “Sick Boy.”

The dynamic duo’s track is a fun pop anthem that has been receiving remixes from an array of artists, most recently Volpe. From the moment you click the play button on the remix, you feel like you are witnessing the opening track at a massive festival. Featuring a deep rave bass with pitched vocals, brighter chords slowly fade in.  As tension builds, a classic dubstep drum sequence is introduced before taking the listener to the thrilling build up, following by satisfying drops.  What I love most about this remix is that the original track’s integrity is not only kept intact but is also proudly showcased.  In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, The Chainsmokers described their record as a “struggle of self-identity in a crazy world,” and Volpe’s ability to retain this message was expertly executed. This remix becomes more enjoyable with every listen, as it blends everything great with euphoric melodies and aggressive bass drops.

You can catch Ray Volpe at Phoenix Lights on April 7 and 8th, alongside Martin Garrix, Diplo, Seven Lions, and more. Grab tickets here.

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