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RB Exclusive Interview: Morgan Page

Morgan Page is a producer who has stood the test of time in the ever-changing music industry. He not only keeps his sound fresh and innovative, but he puts on one hell of a live performance that you have to see to believe. Two-time GRAMMY-nominated Page has the ability to tug at your heartstrings, and a minute later have you dancing and thrashing like there’s an electric current jolting your mind and body. The man can do it all and in today’s dance scene we call that being a legend.

We’re stoked to have Page back in Arizona for Phoenix Lights; we caught up with him get a pulse on his new music and what he has in store for all of you next weekend.


You made quite the announcement this month–3 EPs! I’m curious about your strategy. I’m assuming there’s some significance for piecing it up into 3 sperate projects rather than having one full album.

The idea is basically to release an album in chunks. I used to do EPs in the days of vinyl records, but the focus used to be on big long albums that take 2 years to make and are instantly old. So I wanted to try something new that’s different from the usual single or album release. 

Was there a specific moment of inspiration that propelled you to create this deeper sultry style of music? 

I just follow the muse – there’s never a defined point of inspiration. I get in the studio, experiment and follow that creative rush.

In the press statement, you mentioned the importance of making authentic tracks. How does ‘Born To Fly’ set you apart from your fellow producers? 

I think making different tracks is always the ideal aim, but a song doesn’t have to be a huge departure from everything else to be effective. Some of my songs fit in the genre, and some buck the trends. I’m impatient with music trends and I just love to make a variety of music. I can never just do one splinter genre.

Britt Daley is featured on 2 of the 3 songs on this EP and she also was the feature on your hit track “Running Wild”. Did you instantly know going into this project you wanted to team with her or did the opportunity arise further along in the process?

The Oddictions, who co-produced “Running Wild” and the “Love Song” cover do a lot of work with Britt and they played me some rough demos that had a ton of potential, so I developed those and they really clicked. 

A common theme in your work in versatility and we see that within this EP. You have two originals and one cover. When creating the tracklist for ‘Born To Fly’ what made you choose to rework The Cure’s?” 

It came from an early demo.. a cover of a cover (the 311 version). I felt it added a whole different vibe to the original. 

We’ve had you in Arizona at our Talking Stick pool parties a few times over the past couple of years, so your AZ fan base is used to seeing you in the upbeat, dance party setting. With this new EP embodying a slightly different sound and feel, what’s your plan for your set with us at Phoenix Lights? 

I’m always experimenting with new sounds but the live show will always be more aggressive and energetic. I custom tailor edits, mashups, and remixes so that they work in a live setting. The new EP is more deep and sultry so it’s not really a live record, but I can squeeze in “Love Song” in some clubs.

Be there when Morgan Page takes the Phoenix Lights stage in less than two weeks! Grab tickets here.

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