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Spin it Back Saturday: Green Velvet – ‘La La Land’

Green Velvet, born Curtis Jones in Chicago, Illinois, has been around for decades, producing hit after hit and playing some of the biggest stages around the world. The green-haired DJ and producer has undoubtedly made his mark within the industry, but we mustn’t forget where he came from. That’s why this week’s Spin It Back Saturday takes it all the way back to 2001 with Green Velvet’s “La La Land.” Check it out below.

With influences from what sound like the 80’s (think Eddy Grant’s 1982 “Electric Avenue”) and perhaps even some Cake, “La La Land” set the bar high in the early 2000’s for original House music. Over the years since this iconic release, the artist has embraced his eccentricity, evolving into what we know and love today as Green Velvet.

If you want to catch up on some Green Velvet, be sure to catch him on the RB Deep stage at Phoenix Lights this April. Get your tickets and other info here.

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