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4B Blows ‘Whistle’ on His Instant Classic

Sometimes, in a great feat of talent and luck, a producer creates a track that is instantly legendary. Something about this special track makes it an instant banger, and the listener knows this the first time they hear it. These tracks don’t generate regularly; so when they drop, they are special. They’re a special concoction of catchiness, bounciness, and bass. Eventually, they will make their way to big stages and find themselves played at least a million and one times during a festival. But will we complain? No. We will go equally as hard each time this classic plays. Get ready folks, because one of these rarities has just been dropped by 4B.

4B has teamed up with Teez and brought his own infamous club sound into this new single, “Whistle.” The New Jersey DJ has been on the rise for his ability to get a crowd hyped and his support from DJ Snake and Diplo. His biggest hit, “Pop Dat,” became an immediate crowd favorite, and “Whistle” should be nothing different. The fast beat, whistle samples, and gratifying buildups all combine for a track that’s perfect to bounce to. Mark my words, “Whistle” will be playing at a festival near you in the near future.

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