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Bingo Players and Goshfather Bringing the Summer Vibes Early

Just before summer the Bingo Players and Goshfather drop a hot track ripe for day parties and festivals. “Everybody” is the kind of track that transports you poolside. Imagine drinks and pictures of you and your homies happily jumping with arms raised. It smells of carnival rides and contentment and feels like summer dresses and board shorts.

Goshfather, an LA-based future house producer, and legendary group (that is now a solo project due to the untimely passing of Paul Baumer) Bingo Players collab on “Everybody.” The track was actually released as a solo project by Goshfather in 2017. Now it’s being released as a joint effort and it remains a hair in the wind of a convertible type track.

From the moment it starts, “Everybody” is all in on good vibes. Staying true to the carefree tone is a chorus possessing a hint of disco. The lyrics repeated throughout are the definition of nonchalant. Someone blocked here and there and now everybody wants to know how little this person feels about it. It’s straight up “whatever there’s too much special goodness in my life right now for my feelings about you to slow me down.” Moving on and having a good time is a great move often, especially during the summer where great memories are soundtracked by great songs. This could be the one for you this summer.

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