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EP Review: Catz N’ Dogz – ‘RMXD’

This upcoming weekend, the European duo known as Catz ‘N Dogz will be making their introductory appearance at the 2018 edition of Phoenix Lights. In honor of their Arizona debut, we’ll be taking a look at their recently released EP of remixes from PET Recordings.

Grzegorz and Wojciech of Catz ‘N Dogz aren’t unfamiliar with excellence in the realm of house, but this new RMXD EP explores the unexplored with four new and distinct versions of their original tracks. The Roman Flügel remix of “Don’t” introduces listeners to a calm progressive house beat, unlike their more traditional approach in the original. As the samba-inspired backbeat develops into 8-bit synths, “Don’t” gives us a Castlevania flashbacks with its addictive main riff.  Holding it’s own with 80s sci-fi pastiche until the 8-minute mark, the first track then gracefully segues into “It’s Happening,” remixed by DJ Steaw. “It’s Happening” features a more traditional approach to house and contains 90’s percussion while retaining the spirit of the original track. After a retro-Jungle flashback, the Pional remix of “Rave History” strikes a chord by evolving from traditional house into a party of further 8-bit fun. Using slightly more influence from classic techno, Pional attracts the attention of former rave-goers with its chill eclecticism.

The LAWLER remix of “Keep On” featuring Green Velvet gives the album traditional house fare inspired by the likes of Frankie Bones. With the low-pitched vocals emulating the hook in “Call It Techno,” this track acts as the 11 o’clock number and prepares you for the grand finale of the final track. Throughout “Keep On,” the backbeat is maintained and minimalism is king. As the EP comes to a close, the minimalist vibes continue with the Jonathan Kaspar remix of “Elixir” as dark, deep house vibes round out a balanced piece of work. “Keep On” and “Elixir” both complement each other as seamless traditional house remixes that shine a new light on Catz N’ Dogz.

Grab their new EP here and be sure to grab tickets for this weekend’s 2018 Phoenix Lights so you can catch their electrifying performance for yourself!

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