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Flatbush Zombies Go On a ‘Vacation in Hell’

Breaking news out of the Flatbush district in Brooklyn, New York: A zombie outbreak has begun. Nicknamed the Flatbush Zombies, this rare breed of zombies doesn’t infect people through biting their victims. Instead, the infection spreads through soundwaves that the zombies omit. In the case of the Flatbush Zombies, their sound is east coast horrorcore hip-hop. The three most powerful zombies out of Brooklyn, Zombie Juice, Erick the Architect, and Meechy Darko have utilized the internet as a way to infect the entire world. Reports say that the group recorded their horrorcore zombie sounds onto popular music streaming platforms in the form of a new album, Vacation in Hell.

Vacation in Hell is a huge album with a ton of great content. Flatbush has definitely changed their sound a lot compared to their first album 3001: A Laced Odyssey but this not a bad thing in any way. As Flatbush continues to work together and grow as a group, change is inevitable. Flatbush’s new sound is a lot less mumbled than their classics, but the group still stays true to their original vibe of dark rap that connects listeners. The Zombies took some great artists on vacation with them for this album. There are features from Joey Bada$$ and surprisingly Portugal. the Man. Their album has something for everyone, it’s great to jam out too just watch out for the infection.

Flatbush Zombies is part of the “Beast Coast” movement out of the east coast. The Zombies quickly gained popularity since their debut and have since played some of the biggest festivals in the country like Coachella, Middlelands, and SXSW. With a growing demand for festivals that include multiple genres like EDM and hip-hop, it’s great to see Flatbush Zombies on the front lines of the movement.

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