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Shaun Frank Songs You Didn’t Know Were Shaun Frank Songs

Singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, you name it–Shaun Frank has been influencing the music scene since he was 13-years-old. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Frank started off making music for smaller Pop/Alternative bands, including being lead singer of the band Crowned King. He later joined a second band, The Envy, who went on tour with KISS in 2010. Yep, KISS!

Since then, Shaun has been churning out some of the biggest tunes the EDM industry has seen in years. DJs flock from all corners of the globe to collab with him for his huge talents. Due to his low-key nature, you might not know which hits he’s been a part of. Allow me:

3. Shades of Grey – Oliver Heldens and Shaun Frank Feat. Delaney Jane

If you’re a fan of tropical house, bass house, any kind of house–you’ve probably heard this song. With the combination of a groovy beat, fantastic production quality, and Delaney Jane‘s tremendous voice, this song pretty much has it all. Shaun Frank may shares the song with Oliver Heldens, but I bet you didn’t know that he produced and composed the entire track as well. The more you know!

2. Easy Go – Grandtheft feat. Delaney Jane

Wow, what an absolute BOP, you guys. The song begins with guitar chord progressions that again lead beautifully into Jane’s soothing voice. The beat picks up right as the chorus takes off and sends us into a furry of synths and vocals. Frank composed this track and curated a remix that is easily comparable to the original.

3. Closer – The Chainsmokers feat Halsey

There we go, now do I have your attention? That’s right, folks. Shaun Frank, while also making his own music, had it in him to compose The Chainsmokers’ biggest hit. Every time you were wondering who to thank when you heard a gaggle of Arizona girls screaming “THAT WE BEAT TO DEATH IN TUCSON, OKAY,” you can thank Frank.

Ridiculously talented and wildly underrated, Shaun Frank will likely continue to bang out some of the biggest hits on the EDM scene.Pay close attention to this guy, he’s not going anywhere.

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