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Watch it Wednesday: DJ Snake – ‘Magenta Riddim’

DJ Snake is a pro at infusing worldly sounds into his bass-shaking melodies, and with his latest hit single, “Magenta Riddim,” we hear and feel the essence of India alongside an iconic dance-evoking beat. Playing up the ethnic feel, the music video is set in the colorful streets of India and features the countries natives jiving to the beat of Snake’s song. The video’s plot revolves around a group of firefighters on route to save the day and bring a little H2O to a blazing situation. Ironic as it is, the video illustrates DJ Snake putting out a fire when the song (wherever it plays) starts a fire, so to speak. Have a fire extinguisher handy and check out our Watch it Wednesday below.

DJ Snake – Magenta Riddim

When releasing the video on Facebook, Snake wrote a tender message to his fans, “I’m proud to say, this is probably my best video ever … India Is so special to me. It has inspired me a lot. The colors, the people, the music, the culture. I couldn’t film it anywhere else in the world. From Grammy nominations and billions of views – we now have the video for “Magenta Riddim.” I hope you enjoy.”

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