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3 Moombahton Songs You Need on Your Summer Playlist

Ah, moombahton. The lovechild of bass/house music and reggaeton. The perfect summer music. If moombahton was a summer day, its bouncy lyrics would be the crystal-clear pool, its ravey synthesizers would be the ice-cold beverage, and its drum-filled baselines would be the orange sky during the sunset. Moombahton is fun to listen and dance to and should be on everyone’s summer playlists. Here’s 3 booty-bouncing tracks will help turn your summer up a notch.

Sahara – DJ Snake & Skrillex

“Sahara” reminds me of a hidden oasis in the Sahara desert. This track takes you on a ride down to the groovy side of moombahton. It’s faded, dystopian lyrics in the intro builds up into a fresh and uplifting beat. When the track drops, listeners are brought to a grimy and trap-influenced moombahton bassline. “Sahara” debuted on DJ Snake‘s first album, Encore, and was a hidden gem on the LP for some time. Now that it’s summer, it’s time to dig this gem up and blast it with some of your closest friends.

Koko­ – ETC!ETC!

ETC!ETC! has been gaining some attention since the release of his debut album Not My Tempo late last year. ETC!ETC! gets creative with the track “Koko.” Featuring Whyel, “Koko” combines elements of rock and roll and electronic into the moombahton track. The buildup is scattered with heavy guitar riffs that prepare the mind for the dreamy up-tempo bassline. “Koko” is the perfect example as to what is capable within the moombahton genre, and ETC!ETC! held nothing back with the delivery of this summer banger.

Beats Knockin – Jack Ü

“Beats Knockin” is the perfect track for party playlists this summer. This track has more bass than the others listed but still manages to contain that pleasing moombahton sound.  The buildup during “Beats Knockin” is fast and prepares listeners for the grimy bassline that follows. Jack Ü, comprised of Skrillex and Diplo, rounded all the bases of music during this project. The whole album of Presents Jack Ü is packed with intricate and vibey tunes. I highly recommend checking out what these artists are capable of together.

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