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Rickyxsan Has ‘This Feeling’

Rickyxsan’s new music is different than that which you’ve heard before. It has a unique vibe, remaining constantly upbeat and mysterious, and creating a perfectly smooth moombahton sound. After catching momentum in 2017, the Vancouver-based artist is ready to make this year the best one yet. His newest track, “This Feeling,” holds true to his style while still allowing him to be creative and have some fun. This is Rickysan’s first release on Monstercat.


This dancehall inspired track brings together a multitude of cultures. Blending the musical styles of moombahton and trap, this mid-tempo production will uplift your spirits and have you dancing through the night. “This Feeling” was slated to come out earlier this year, but after a long wait, fans finally got to hear what Rickyxsan cooked up. “This Feeling” is the L.A. based producer’s first non-remix release of 2018, and it’s a joyride from start to finish.

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