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Spin it Back Saturday: Chingy – ‘Right Thurr’

St. Louis born rapper Chingy has been a staple in the hip-hiop music industry since the 2000s. His upbeat tendencies and kid-like voice brought lightness to often hardcore rap genre. He is forever remembered for tracks like “One Call Away” and “Jackpot,” but the one song that towers over the rest is undoubtedly “Right Thurr.”

Yes, it’s a great song, and yes, it makes you want to dance, but above the music, this song has a deeper impact that most are blind to. Chingy’s 2003 hit has influenced the world’s terminology for the word “there” for the past 15 years. That’s right, you say “right thurr” because of this very song *bing lightbulb*. Pretty cool, right? We think so.

Named Rhythmic Top 40 Title of the Year by Billboard Records, “Right Thurr” brings nostalgia to the surface when and wherever it plays. No matter how much you resist, you hear this song and your pointer finger pops out in motion with the music.

Throwbacks are good for the soul, that’s why we’re bringing him back to Phoenix for a cleansing dose of Chingy classics. Catch him on May 25th at Salt; grab your tickets right thurr.

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