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Doctor P Writes a Prescription for ‘Yim Yam’

The doctor of dubstep is in the house, and he’s writing up a prescription for a healthy dose of bass. Doctor P (not Phil) has discovered the perfect mix of earth-shattering dubstep and hyphey trap music that balance together like Ying and Yang. “Yim Yam” features a rapid, choppy trap drop, while the dubstep bassline brings the song together. Something that this track utilizes perfectly is balance. “Yim Yam” gets creative with the distribution of sound, and experiments with the left and right speakers. This track had me dancing around in my chair while writing this, and if you’re a bass head this needs to be on your heavy playlists.

Doctor P is a founding father when it comes to Dubstep. Along with Flux Pavillion, the two helped to define what dubstep really was. The two co-founded Circus Records, which went on to become one of the most iconic labels in the EDM industry. Circus Records specializes in all things heavy and features artists like Cookie Monsta, Funtcase, and Diskord. Without Doctor P, the dubstep genre as we know it may not exist so that we say thank you. “Yim Yam” is the second release from Doctor P in 2018, but our fingers are crossed that he hits listeners with more bass music soon.

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