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Galantis Blasts Off with ‘Spaceship’

Swedish DJ duo Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, better known by their stage name Galantis, are the dream team when it comes to producing catchy, feel-good progressive and electro house. Tracks like “Runaway” and “Peanut Butter Jelly” have easily become favorite uptempo songs for music fans on the EDM spectrum. These tracks in particular have secured Galantis’ spot in EDM history and made them a household name. They mean a great deal to so many fans. For me, I have faith that any Galantis track that comes out will lift my mood and get me dancing. Without even hearing a track, I trust that Galantis will have created something that I’m going to love. With their latest, “Spaceship,” they haven’t disappointed.

The song intros with a higher-pitched synth voice of Uffie singing “I found a spaceship Got the kind of love that’s taking me new places” and a cool, simple tempo building to the drop. True to Galantis fashion, the song is uncomplicated and easy to get stuck in your head. They don’t waste time adding too much bass or electro sounds – they keep it easy, while still delivering a satisfying drop that’s both chill and groovy to dance to. If you were looking for a new track to fit both your relaxing and partying playlists, you’re in luck.

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