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Venture the Outback with Will K and Jebu on ‘Boomshaka’

The Australian vibes are strong in the force with this new single from Will K and Jebu who makes his first debut on Axtone Records. On their new single titled “Boomshaka,” the tribal, sometimes industrial vibes found on the track are burning a straight line to festival circuits. As 2018

Will K & Jebu – Boomshaka

“Will and myself go way back, and it only feels natural when we work in the studio together,” says Jebu. “This time round we really wanted to get weird and let the music take us where it pleased! We tried to use sounds we wouldn’t use normally use and we come up with something fresh.”

While we can always expect a darker turn from Will K in his prolific collaborations like “Kumasi” with Sebjack, “Boomshaka” incorporates the tribal tinges Will has displayed in the past, while leaving the technical details to Jebu. From the beginning of the track, both producers build a world filled with organic tin-can like percussion with oceanic flare. Although it may be aggressive from start-to-finish, stress is non-existent even with the most blaring of sirens within the track lining the tough melody. Will recently elaborated on the creation of the track and how easy it was to collaborate with such a close friend:

“Writing Boomshaka was super fun and quick,” exclaims Will K. “We started the initial idea towards the end of a studio session, and then the next day we basically finished the track. Jeremy and I are really close friends inside and outside of music, we’re on the same page when working together, always experimenting etc,” Will continues.

“We sent Boomshaka over to Ax and he instantly signed it for Axtone!”

The chemistry between the two is evident as the track reaches its trap-tinged zenith by the climax of the track. Along with the established melody, “Boomshaka” switches up the vibes last minute by cramming in multiple solo percussion riffs culminating into an abrupt and powerful close. If you dig “Boomshaka,” grab it here.

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