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Will K & Sebjak Release Electric and Eclectic Banger, “Kumasi”

Last time Relentless Beats caught up with Will K, the man himself, as well as Corey James, joined forces on what became a monumental track back in September. While Will K’s style always reflects a darker background than his Progressive House contemporaries, Sebjak comes out of the metaphorical dark and manages to bring even deeper bass hits than a normal house track could afford, while also contributing global sounds that wouldn’t be found in your average American club. All of these descriptors come together and make the track in what Will K & Sebjak would call, “Kumasi.”

Unlike their tracks in the past, “Kumasi” is a powerhouse of a collaboration that extends well-past the viability of the house genre. While we have seen and abundance of house music since its inception into the mainstream, “Kumasi” combines brass instrument sounds and Gloria Estefan-esque backbeats that bring the latin flavor, yet still retaining those infectious riffs that both artists are known for. “Kumasi” breathes new life into a genre that is becoming incredibly saturated. Listening to “Kumasi” will take you back to that first time in the club post 21. The chord progressions may involve a couple rises that may strike you familiar, but don’t misunderstand because Will K and Sebjak are bringing no gimmicks; “Kumasi” is a global hit filled with only love and affection for a genre that needs just as much innovation as it needs familiarity for its listeners.

Will K has always treated us to more dark and broody sounds than one might be used to within the house music genre, but Sebjak is the antidote to Will K’s standalone image: Sebjak provides the audience with a much-needed kick-in-the-face with global instruments and influences we haven’t seen since the early days of jungle boogie. Will K and Sebjak bring an intensity to “Kumasi” that only comes once in a few years, an intensity not only to party but to satisfy that creative mind inside of us constantly begging for more.

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