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Watch It Wednesday: Andrew Bayer ft. Alison May – ‘Immortal Lover’

The best way to experience Andrew Bayer is with headphones on and the volume turned up. There is something about his dreamy, atmospheric sound that leaves you with goosebumps. As part of the Anjuna family, this Washington DC native has made his mark on the hearts of fans around the world with his captivating and eclectic sounds. What makes him especially unique is his ability to range from hypnotic Trance, to upbeat House, to melancholic indie-electronica. He signed with Anjunabeats back in 2010 and has since collaborated with artists like Above & Beyond, produced an impressive amount of original releases, and toured the world more than once.

This week’s Watch it Wednesday is the eerily beautiful music video for Andrew Bayer’s “Immortal Lover” feat. Alison May. Take a look below.

Andrew Bayer ft. Alison May – Immortal Lover

Haunting, romantic, and gentle, this video will leave you in awe with its artistic, yet simplistic visuals set to Bayer’s dreamy production and singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Alison May’s vocals. Throughout the video, two dancers veiled in white cloth are struggling to reach each other, and once they do, they become one. Creepy, but in the most romantic way possible, this video is the perfect visual complement to an already beautiful song. “Immortal Lover” is a single off Bayer’s upcoming third album, In My Last Life, set to be released later this month.

Be sure to catch Andrew Bayer at Monarch Theatre with fellow member of the Anjunabeats family, Spencer Brown, on December 1st for his Immortal Lover Fall Tour. Grab your tickets here.

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