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Say My Name Drops Self-Titled Track with Lil Debbie

Say My Name is a pioneer when it comes to creating music. His signature style is a combination of hardstyle and trap music that he calls ‘hardtrap.’ This unique fusion of two of the loudest genres in the industry is what makes Say My Name stand out from the competition. Earlier this month Say My Name brought us his self-titled track, “Say My Name.” “Say My Name” is a fast-paced and fun bop that is sure to light up dancefloors. The vocals from Lil Debbie (not the cookies) get listeners hyped, while Say My Name’s carefully crafted screeches, wubs, and wobbles harmonize the bassline. “Say My Name” is sure to become a staple in all future Say My Name sets. Released on Musical Freedom Records, this track is true evidence of what Say My Name as an artist is capable of.

Earlier this year, Say My Name stopped by Arizona for two crazy headliner shows. I remember seeing the artist in Flagstaff and he absolutely destroyed! When he plays his hardtrap live, you never know what beat is going to come next. It’s an absolutely wild ride from start to finish. You’ll have a chance to see what I’m talking about when Say My Name takes over Goldrush 2018 on Sunday, September 20th. Grab tickets here.

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