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Three Elohim Tracks that Showcase Her Many Talents

Elohim’s talents appear to be boundless. The combination DJ/producer/singer/songwriter is a notoriously private figure and her identity is kept relatively anonymous. While she tells little about herself online, her music is surprisingly revealing. Elohim’s self-titled and self-released debut album offers a look inside her world through her honest lyrics, impressive vocal abilities, and skill for production. Let’s take a look at three songs that show off just why this rising star of electro-pop has been turning heads all year.

“Half Love”

Elohim offered up “Half Love” as the last single from her album and it’s certainly a standout track. “Half Love” is a perfect demonstration of Elohim’s niche: a smooth blend between pop and the more artsy side of electronica. The contrast between the high-energy saxophone riffs and Elohim’s softly-delivered verses makes this tune especially unique.

“Panic Attacks (feat. Yoshi Flower)”

“Panic Attacks” showcases the emotion behind Elohim’s raw vocal abilities. The subject of the track is close to Elohim’s heart, as a good part of her body of work focuses on mental health. The interesting back and forth between Elohim and guest vocalist, Yoshi Flower, is sure to draw any listener in. You can also check out DENM’s new up-tempo remix of the track here.

The Glitch Mob’s “I Could Be Anything (feat. Elohim)

Elohim and The Glitch Mob form a sort of match made in heaven. After joining The Glitch Mob on their See Without Eyes tour, Elohim is about to embark with them yet again for a 2018 tour. This collab—“I Could Be Anything”—demonstrates just how well she works with the iconic group. The intensity of her vocals flawlessly suits the powerhouse production, resulting in a track that is emotional, impactful, and awe-inspiring.

Elohim and The Glitch Mob will be passing through Phoenix on their 2018 tour this Thursday at the Van Buren! Get your tickets here!

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