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Badrapper Adds Another Mid-Tempo Boiler

It has been just a few years since Badrapper burst on the scene, and it has been nothing but heaters. Normally hitting with slower, searing bass music, he picks up the speed another time for a mid-tempo anthem featuring an eerie emergency phone call gone south, leading into an intense crunchy groove.

The last time he crafted an upbeat track with was with JACKNIFE 6 months ago, and it turned out to be one of his most successful tracks and collaborations so far. In an interview from 2017 with Stoney Roads, Badrapper reveals that his name comes from his early years as a producer making hip-hop beats, making the momentary switch to a faster beat a refreshing changeup. He finishes it off with his more natural and aggressive mood, reminding us of those metallic sounds that draw attention and excitement towards him and his new music. Joining a wild influx of bass producers from Australia tearing festivals and nightlife, it is really exciting to see what’s next for this flashy artist as he continues to break barriers and show us why he could be a new signature figure in his genre.

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