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G-Rex’s ‘Rift’ is Jaw Dropping

Wakaan‘s G-Rex has not so quietly been tearing up the bass music scene the past year. After releasing the ridiculous and highly anticipated Babatunde track with Peekaboo, The Detroit artist finally brings forth an EP, and believe me, it is game-changing.

After releasing his first remix 4 years ago, the producer is now seeing some incredible results, with tracks like “Wook Blaster” and many of his notorious remixes getting play after play on festival stages all summer. His cold-blooded bass sound is really unique to a specific new style of bass and trap music, one with consistently changing leads that keeps every song crisp and addicting.

EP titled track “Rift” fits his theme perfectly, brought in with a creepy mix of bouncing lows and highs, unfamiliar to anything already out there. Next up is an Insomniac Events released “Leviathan”, his collab track with Dubloadz, which is also a nasty track that gets you moving instantly. “Saurus” hits heavy again with the tamed high pitched bass screeches, before rounding out the project with “Exodus” a jaw-dropping finish with producer Top$helf. Add these to the already impressive list of collaborations he has so far with the likes of Hekler, TYNAN, and others, this guy is going places. Hats off to G-Rex, this could be the start to a something new in bass music, so keep up with the talented producer and give the rest of his music a listen!

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