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Odesza Releases Massive ‘Falls’ Remix Package

Everything Odesza produces is nothing short of magic. Their music has a tendency to resonate with the soul and soothe the ears, while never sounding the same with each track. Their A Moment Apart album, in particular, transcends typical feel-good vibes and shoots straight to a spiritual, euphoric sound. Several of their tracks, including “Falls,” overflow with emotive lyrics and beautiful melodies that are different from typical chill-out music. Odesza released six remixes of the track and each one offers a new heavenly perspective.

Troyboi‘s remix eases in slowly like pouring thick syrup on a chill tribal pancake, and with a zesty sampled voice that utters, “Flip it,” introduces a groovy and almost trap-y vibe (almost-this version still cradles the chill element of this song more.) Golden Features darken “Falls” by a few shades, turning it into house bop with a pensive undertone. This version does the unthinkable; turning a euphoric track into something dark – successfully.

I first heard TOKiMONSTA‘s remix at Rezz Rocks before it was officially released, and somehow her version resonated with me even more than the original. It’s uplifting and radiates an “it’s gonna be okay,” message through the twinkling high-pitched voices. Kaskade, king of emotional songs, has a similar spin as Toki does, but his happy synths are classic to his fun and fresh sound.

The beginning of Photay‘s remix is a bubbly, refreshing spin, and sounds suited for a relaxed, coffee house environment while being zesty enough to be more than just a coffee house track. Finally, The Glitch Mob‘s remix switches it up with a trippy, futuristic essence that still captures the purity of Odesza’s original.

Months after the song first released, Odesza is still gaining attention for their spectacular album and all of its songs, including the remixes of “Falls.”

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