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Rufus Du Sol Defines ‘Solace’ Through Song

We often hear “you can’t compare apples to oranges.” Although both are fruit, they are nothing alike. They taste completely different, they’re different colors, etc. I often try to remember this when it comes to a second movie or book, but have fallen time to time to uttering the words, “well, the original was so much better.”

When I first heard Rufus Du Sol‘s new album, I will admit that I was taken back. I was expecting the same upbeat, literal “blooming” album I had come accustomed toBut after the initial shock of it not being what I thought it was going to be, I went back to the album with an open mind, and I am so thankful that I did.

The album opens with the song “Treat You Better,” an emotional love ballad. Many of the songs on the album follow suit, with dramatic and low tones and a shakiness to the voice. While they may not possess the same upbeat quality the tracks on Bloom did, they do make you feel–a lot. I have a cried a few times thus far listening to this album, thinking about friends, family, and lovers. No wonder they decided to title this album Solace.

Personally, my favorite songs on the album are “Treat You Better,” “Underwater,” and “Another Life.” Each one is prolific and composed almost perfectly to what they are trying to convey with the lyrics. The opening for “Underwater,” for example, sounds exactly like being underwater.

This trio knows how to make music. They have been paving the way with their sound, and this is just another demonstration of how they know what their fans need without their fans even knowing it. Rufus Du Sol will be playing live October 30th at The Van Buren. The show is sold out so make sure to arrive early–this one isn’t to be missed!

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