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Tritonal Announces Tour and Upcoming Album with New Single

Tritonal has become one of the most prolific and versatile production teams since their origination back in 2008. The Texas-based duo just announced big plans to release their third full-length studio album, entitled U & ME, as well as embark on their biggest North American tour to date. 

“The title for our latest full length album, U & ME – is a very simple pointer towards Unity & Love that we feel is inherent in life itself. Ultimately, we are all connected – in fact everything in the Universe is connected. Music allows us to express that connection through sound. There is so much inherent divisiveness in our culture today and  we wanted to flip the “you vs me” or the “us vs them” dialogue on its head. “My Country”, “My Team”, “My Race”, “My Beliefs”, “My Social Group” – they all are ideologies people identify with to enhance their false sense of self and can be divisive instead of unifying. Through them, people make themselves “right” and others “wrong” and define their identity through their enemies, the “others”, the “nonbelievers” or “wrong believers”. This identification leads to suffering. Hopefully, our music can act as a light that shines upon one simple truth – Love.” – Tritonal

 If all this wasn’t enough, the duo also released a brand new single, “U Found Me.” Check it out below. 

“U Found Me” is full of energy and reminiscent of the progressive/electro house anthems that helped establish Tritonal’s career. The track shows off a bright and uplifting dose of their distinct production, with it’s glitchy melodies and driving undertones leading into a cascading masterpiece.

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The tour kicks off next January, and Tritonal will be headlining major venues across the country. Tickets for the tour will go on sale on October 12th. You can get more information here.

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