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3 Dank Smokepurpp Songs You’ve Gotta Know

Florida-based rapper Omar Pineiro, or as his fans know him, Smokepurpp, got his start on Soundcloud. Since he began, Purpp has gone on to produce multiple mixtapes, singles, and albums. Last year, Smokepurpp hit a new milestone in his career when his Deadstar mixtape peaked at number 42 on the Billboard 200 charts. This accomplishment proved that Smokepurpp was a force to be reckoned with. Smokepurpp is taking over The Pressroom on November 30th for a night of dank hip-hop. Grab tickets here. To get you ready for the event, here are three dope Smokepurpp songs to show what he’s made of.

“Do Not Disturb (feat. Lil Yachty & Offset)”

For “Do Not Disturb,” Smokepurpp teamed up with Lil Yachty and Offset to deliver a hip-hop bop. The three artists created a beautiful song with a banging bassline and over-the-top vocals. “Do Not Disturb” is off of Purpp’s newest album, Bless Yo Trap.


“Audi” is a laid-back banger off of Purpp’s freshman mixtape, Deadstar. In “Audi,” Smokepurpp raps about how he’d rather have Audi’s then friends. The track shows the artists dedication to getting paper and turning heads with fast cars and beautiful women.

“Nephew (feat. Lil Pump)”

“Nephew” is Smokepurpp’s newest song and it goes hard. The 21-year-old rapper teamed up with Lil Pump to deliver a heartfelt and serious hip-hop masterpiece. Lil Pump and Purpp take turns going back and forth delivering some serious sound.

You can catch Smokepurpp at The Pressroom on November 30th. Grab tickets here.

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