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3 Reasons to Attend Origins 2018 + Official Playlist

Our first all House festival is on the horizon! In just two weeks we’ll gather in musical bliss for a first of its kind experience in Arizona. Tickets are flying, but if you’re still looking for a reason to attend, look no further. Below are three reasons you HAVE to be at Origins 2018.

1. Be part of the inaugural festival

There’s something particularly exciting about a ‘first’. I’m sure you still remember your first show or walking into your favorite festival for the first time. An inaugural festival takes that excitement and amplifies it. From the festival to the layout to your experience, they are FULL of firsts! When people are talking about Origins for years come you’ll be able to say you were there for the very first one.

2. The weather and location are PERFECT

We all know these Arizona Summer are brutal. What makes them worth it is the beautiful Fall season that follows. With an average temperature of 65 degrees, I can’t think of a more perfect time for a day-long festival than mid-November. Not only is the weather ideal, but the location for this festival is more than fitting. House music along Rawhide’s Riverwalk is goosebump-inducing. It’s a gorgeous 15,000 sq. ft. lawn overlooking the Riverwalk. Stunning water views and lush green grass make this the perfect venue.


3. The lineup is what dreams are made of

This lineup pretty much speaks for itself. Paying homage to all the different styles of House music we have today, this lineup is well-rounded in sound. From Nora En Pure’s tranquil vibes to Autograf’s bassy beats and Lane 8’s trance-infused delicacies. This lineup isn’t to be missed, but we’ve put together an Origins 2018 playlist just in case you’re still unsure.

Origins 2018 takes place on Saturday, November 17th at Rawhide’s Riverwalk. Don’t miss out; grab tickets here.

Photo: Tony Cottrell

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