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Malaa Breaks the Bank Again with Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2

Grimed out and deep as ever, Malaa does what he knows best in delivering the sickening Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2, out now on Confession. The compilation is easily as gripping as the first, showcasing Adult Art Club, Bellecour, Malive, Lucati, GODAMN, Crossnaders, as well as the mysterious Malaa collaborating with Dillion Nathaniel. Get some bass in those headphones because this one hits the full house spectrum.

Built from 11 tracks of pure heat, Malaa is set to unleash a fierce 2019. He popped out a few of these in advance, teasing “Bling Bling” and others in previous months, and in the process hitting untraditional styles such as “We Get Crunk“. New favorites from the unknown artist have to be “Mr. Donk” “Give It Up” with Nathaniel, and Testarosa, all masterfully keeping sound while experimenting with tech sounds and keeping his new music fresh.

Not all the tracks on the mixtape are so grimy. Malive’s hit on the project, “Yali,” brings you straight to shady park for some new era of hard tech house that match Malaa’s vibe its own unique way. Lacking needed attention is Adult Art Club’s piece, “Lungs” while being the last piece on the project suspends itself into an intense trance like build up, making it the darkest of the tracks.

The best part of this release? You don’t have to wait long to hear it live. The man himself makes his trip to Phoenix December 7th for a night at The Pressroom that will surely sell out, and believe me, you won’t want to miss this one. Grab tickets here.

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