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Morgan Page and Swanky Tunes are in ‘Collusion’

Morgan Page, the electronic house DJ and producer, has been caught being in “Collusion” with the Russian trio Swanky Tunes. The four DJ’s created “Collusion,” a big-room house banger that will light up dancefloors from here to the other side of the planet. The artists released the synth-filled, toned down hit on Armada Records at the beginning of the month.

However, Morgan Page denies any involvement with the creation of the track. In a press statement, Page stated, “This is fake news… I have not met these Swanky Tunes characters or even produced a single note of music with them. Sad! I don’t know any Russians, I’ve never met with any Russians, no one I know has ever talked to any Russians, we don’t even use Russian dressing on our salads… Really nice guys though. Excited about our collab coming out though. I’d work with them again.”

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