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Oliver Heldens Revamps a Dance Classic

Earlier this month, the dance classic “Le Freak” by CHIC celebrated its 40th anniversary. This disco megahit, which ended up being the biggest selling track in Atlantic Records history, is a certified dance classic still causing people to dance decades later. While some classics should never be touched, “Le Freak” is perfect remix material.

Dutch DJ and producer Oliver Heldens wasn’t afraid to take on the challenge. He gives the track a bass-infused twist but leaves it recognizable at its core. All the things that made it a classic remain, like Nile Rodgers’ guitar work and the orchestral strings.

The song is accompanied by an animated music video featuring Heldens as well as Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of CHIC.

Chic – Le Freak (Oliver Heldens Remix) [Official Music Video]


The video sees Chic, Heldens and various disco dancers trip their way through a far out, psychedelic world. Though the changes in this remix are subtle, they are impactful. Oliver Heldens expressed his love for the song saying:

“I have always been a fan of disco music, and CHIC’s ‘Le Freak’ is one of my favorite disco songs. Growing up I heard it a lot because my parents loved CHIC. I really admire Nile Rodgers and he was always high on my list to work with, so it was a big honour that he asked me to remix Le Freak. I tried to keep it true to the original and had a lot of fun remixing it. I’m very happy with the result and super proud to release this remix.”

The track was first debuted on his Heldeep Radio podcast. Make sure you tune in each week and follow his socials below!

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