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Watch It Wednesday: BIJOU – ‘Super Phat (feat. Ushiqute)’

For this week’s Watch It Wednesday we are diving into one of BIJOU’s wildest dreams. “Super Phat” feat. Ushiqute is one of BIJOU’s newest tracks, and it’s a bop. The song dropped earlier this year, and BIJOU just followed up by dropping a fun and imaginative music video.

The video starts with BIJOU watching Ushiqute on a talk show discussing how much money she has. Bijou passes out and dreams about a wild time with fast cars, gorgeous women, groovy outfits, and lots of moolah. Ushiqute throws down some catchy lyrics while BIJOU throws down a firehouse melody. By the end of the video, BIJOU wakes up from his dream on the couch. The whole music video is 3 minutes and 43 seconds of pure fantasy. Check out the video below.

BIJOU – Super Phat Ft. Ushiqute

Believe it or not, this is BIJOU’s first music video! It makes quite the statement and speaks to his coming success.

What would a fire song be without a tour? Bijou has been hitting the road recently on his Super Phat tour with artists like Gerry Gonza, Jace Mek, Dusty Cloud, and Schade. He is making two vital pit stops in Phoenix on November 30th (grab tickets here) and Flagstaff on December 1st. Grab your last minute tickets here!

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