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Watch it Wednesday: Porter Robinson – ‘Lionhearted’

There are producers and there is Porter Robinson. Some refer to him as God, due to his holy creation of Worlds, others gave him this label because his music truly transcends what we once labeled EDM. There are many, many songs off the world-renowned Worlds album that deserve the title of “the best song ever,” but number 9 ranks pretty high over the rest.

Press play on today’s Watch it Wednesday and you’ll get a very “Lionhearted” version of  Porter Robinson. Check it out below.

             Porter Robinson – Lionhearted ft. Urban Cone

Maybe it’s the spunky uplifting beat and lyrics or maybe it’s the music Harajuku, alternate reality video game of a music video. Definitely the latter. For a song as enchanting as “Lionhearted”, the video had to stack up. Because everything Porter creates is an utter masterpiece- it’s no surprise as all that this video is coming up on 7 million views.

It’s been two years since we’ve had Porter and that is two years too long. Finally, Porter Robinson returns this NYE for Decadence 2019. Grab your ticket here.

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