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Whethan Debuts First Album ‘Life of a Wallflower Pt. 1’

Ethan Snoreck, or as his fans know him, Whethan, blew minds recently when he dropped his debut album, Life of a Wallflower Pt. 1. The 8-track album is packed with some of Whethan’s biggest singles, along with brand new vibey tracks that are show listeners the relaxed side of dance music. Life of a Wallflower Pt. 1 has a ton of collaborations from artists such as Bipolar Sunshine, HONNE, and Oh Wonder, along with solo tracks from Whethan himself. Each song feels and sounds completely different from one another, flooding listeners with a spectrum of different emotions.

If you want an idea of what Whethan is made of and want to see what this album has to offer, check out the tracks “Wallflower” and “Top Shelf (feat. Bipolar Sunshine).” “Wallflower” is the melodic intro track to the album and it’s 1 minute, 53 seconds of pure aural bliss. The future-bass track sucks listeners into the album and keeps them hungry for more. As the album progresses, “Top Shelf (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)” takes listeners on a trip down the rabbit hole. The vibrant basslines and uplifting melody compliment Bipolar Sunshine’s somber, sulky, emotional vocals perfectly.

Overall, the whole album is a treat and is gives Whethan his moment to shine in the spotlight. If you’re a fan of Louis the Child, Charli XCX, Jai Wolf, or Droeloe you need to check out Life of a Wallflower Pt. 1 immediately.

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