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Ray Volpe Gets Into Ookay’s Mind

21-year-old Ray Volpe has been causing quite a stir in the industry lately. He broke out this year, dropping his debut EP No Emotions Allowed, along with countless singles and remixes. This time, he’s diving into one of Ookay’s tracks off of his first full-length album Wow! Cool Album! Volpe takes the original melodic and artistic track, “In My Mind” and adds a healthy serving of dubstep. The track is completely reimagined, while still staying true to the original. Although Volpe is only starting to get the attention he deserves, he’s already making quite a splash in the industry. Making appearances at the festival and shows throughout the country.

Ookay – In My Mind (Ray Volpe Remix)

“In My Mind” is off of Ookay’s debut album, Wow! Cool Album! that came out earlier this year. The whole album features lyrics from Ookay himself, an impressive feat from someone who’s known vibrant beats, not vocals. Ookay’s live performances are like watching a one-man band. He doesn’t hold back anything as he performs with live vocals, electric keyboards, and insane visuals. Ookay is jazzing up The Van Buren on December 14th with Bonnie x Clyde. Grab tickets here.

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