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TYNAN Opens ‘Pandora’s Box’

Anyone who says dubstep is dead is clearly not listening to TYNAN. The producer is expanding the genres’ limits, and in doing so has dropped his heaviest, most grueling EP to date on Never Say Die Records. The project has Wooli & Kompany features, as well as 3 solo tracks that will leave you baffled. This guy has been up to something big, and Pandora’s Box is another monumental collection of extremely impressive tracks to hang his hat on.

Drummer turned famed producer, the Oklahoma City native has surrounded himself with some great friends, collaborating with Ekali, G-Rex, Hekler, 1788-L, and other artists that are currently on the rise. The most popular track of the EP is “Extraterrestrial,” his collab with Kompany, that puts you on a completely different planet with experimental bass sounds and a rocking backbeat. “Harbinger” with Wooli, and his leadoff track “Dusk” are undoubtedly going to be in sets everywhere, so best get familiar now. TYNAN was just in Arizona for BOO, however, his current rise to the top of bass music could land him back in the desert very soon!

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