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Double Trouble: The Best Dual-Drop Tracks in Electronic Music

What I love about electronic music is the freedom of expression that any artist has at their disposal. Because the sounds are electronically created, they can essentially create any sounds, leading to extreme creativity. Something I really love is when an artist creates a song that has two completely different drops. My favorite electronic songs are the ones that are a journey, the ones that tell a story either through the lyrics or the sound design, and I am excited to share with you five of my favorite songs that have two different drops!

“Into Pieces” by Subtronics, Grabbitz

This is the song that made me a Subtronics fan for life. While the original is great and has amazing lyrics that carry over into the VIP, Subtronics truly shows why he is one of life’s greatest blessings with this song. The first drop is an incredible cinematic future bass dubstep hybrid, setting the stage for an absolutely earth-shattering bass drop that will send any listener through a wall.

“Restraint” by Wooli, Calcium

Another of my favorite songs of all time, Wooli and Calcium truly nailed this one. They made this song after learning a quick tip from Subtronics, and you can hear his influence with the countermelodies. The first drop is a gnarly dubstep drop, with the downbeats having texture that tickles your brain, but the second drop is an incredible dark melodic bass drop that will blow your socks off!

“Gravity” by Ganja White Night

Another one of my favorite songs, Ganja White Night truly executed this one perfectly. This is one of the most unique songs I know and truly showcases their signature growls and wubs. The first drop opens with a reverberating bass note, followed by wubs piercing the space dimension to create an incredible experience. The second drop retains those space-piercing wubs but introduces a powerful dark melodic bass drop that will give you goosebumps!

“Sojourn” by Seven Lions, Crystal Skies

Even though this is the oldest song on the list, it still absolutely holds up to the standards of today’s music. Both Seven Lions and Crystal Skies blend their genres extremely well, and you can see that here. The song starts off as you would imagine this collab to be, with soaring vocals, strong lyrics, and an incredible melodic bass drop. However, the second drop quickly comes, with the hook breaking dimensions to enter the bass world, with a dubstep drop to match that will get you going.

“White Magic” by LSDREAM, Leah Culver

LSDREAM is on his way to being a true S-tier headliner, with an incredible discography that just keeps growing. This is my personal favorite song of his and truly showcases the power that two different drops can have. The first couple of drops are wave space bass, setting you on a sonic journey through space and time. The last drop, though, is where this song elevates itself to the next level. After an incredible hook, LSDREAM fires off an extreme bass attack to the max, creating destruction but also creating life in the fire. If you have not heard this song before, you must!

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