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4 SAYMYNAME Tracks That Prove He’s the Godfather of Hardtrap

There was no question whether or not SAYMYNAME would make it in the competitive world of EDM. His father DJ’d and by the time he was 12 he had learned the fundamentals of music mixing. Now known as “the godfather of hardtrap,” SAYMYNAME is an important figure in EDM and his music has inspired countless artists. The genre of hardtrap comes from two different genres: trap and hardcore. Trap, in regards to EDM, is a style of music in which a slow tempo and emphasized high hats drive the bass. The “hard” part of hardtrap is the hardcore elements that make it vastly different than any other style of EDM (think trance-like bass drops and multiple layers of noise). In 2018, SAYMYNAME, also known as Dayvid Lundie-Sherman, appeared at countless festivals like Hard Summer, EDC Orlando, Space Yacht Miami Music Week, and Goldrush here in Arizona. 2019 is looking to be just as successful for SAYMYNAME and his Merciless Tour has attracted new fans while still entertaining older fans. In order to hype everyone up for his stop at the Pressroom here in Phoenix, Arizona on February 2 with GRAVEDGR and his solo show at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff on February 1, I’m going to be sharing some songs from SAYMYNAME that will make you realize why he’s the godfather of hardtrap. 

This is a song that will probably make you wanna run to the closest mosh pit. SAYMYNAME utilizes classic electronic elements in drops that reminded me a lot of artists like Jauz or Barely Alive. “Burn” is a slightly edgier song, but SAYMYNAME proves that he really is the godfather of hardtrap here. The problem with harder EDM songs is the overuse of bass and boredom that comes with listening to the same bass drop over and over again. “Burn” is unique in that SAYMYNAME is always changing the direction of the song and, as a result, constantly keeps listeners’ attention. The sounds are unique and a textbook example of hardtrap.

Songs like “Bounce” make it apparent how truly talented SAYMYNAME is. Besides being just a fun song to dance to, “Bounce” has a dark edge brought to life by SAYMYNAME’s trance elements. “Bounce” was released February 2018, and many devoted fans believed this to be a new direction for SAYMYNAME. Combining g-house (think DJ Funk or Steve Poindexter) with hardtrap proved to be successful and “Bounce” now has nearly 2 million listens on Spotify. His style inspired a new genre of hardtrap, trap, g-house, and big room that old and new fans love.

If after the previous two headbangers you’re getting a little tired, listen to “The Most” featuring Karra. The song is a much different style for SAYMYNAME, while still staying true to his hardtrap background. The song came out last May and remains one of the more unique SAYMYNAME tracks. In songs like these, where artists experiment with fusing contrasting genres, the finished project is either a hit or miss. The good news is that SAYMYNAME can pull off chill-out, feel-good music as well as harder tracks like “Bounce” and “Burn.” Karra adds a nice aesthetic to “The Most” and EDM fans will recognize her hypnotic voice from songs like “Platinum Hearts” by Breathe Carolina and “Silent Skies” by Seven Lions. Karra and SAYMYNAME work well together and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for chill-out SAYMYNAME tracks.

If you’re sick of serious music and just want something fun and childish, SAYMYNAME has got you covered. Five years ago, SAYMYNAME gained a lot of recognition for releasing “Barney Theme Song”, an EDM remix of that nostalgically annoying song from deep within our past. SAYMYNAME somehow hypes up the giant purple dinosaur and even those who aren’t the biggest Barney fans will appreciate this playful track. Following the success of SAYMYNAME’s “Rugrats Theme Song”, SAYMYNAME released “Barney Theme Song” and as of January 2019, the song has 1.22 million listens. If you wanna introduce your younger cousins to some hardtrap, but don’t wanna make them cry, SAYMYNAME’s “Barney Theme Song” might be a good start.

If you’re just as passionate about The Godfather of hardtrap as the rest of the EDM community, see SAYMYNAME here in Phoenix at the Pressroom on February 2 with GRAVEDGR (tickets sold here) or see SAYMYNAME’s solo act on February 1 at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff (tickets sold here).

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