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Zedd Puts a Las Vegas Night Club in His Los Angeles Home

Okay, it’s not quite what you’re thinking.. there is a newly added nightclub in Zedd‘s luxurious LA mansion, but it’s built entirely of Legos! His Beverly Hills mansion has been called a “Modern-Architecture Lover’s Dream,” and this new addition from artist Dante Dentoni gives it an additional unique flair.

At first, it appears that the Lego blocks simply fill sections of the wall, adding a fun splash of color, but Zedd gives us a closer look inside the wall on his social media.

You’ve heard “its what’s on the inside that counts” and this rings especially true when it comes to this Lego art display. The various ‘rooms’ of the sculpture include the infamous Omnia nightclub in Vegas, a scene from the game Overwatch, an alien abduction and even a smaller scale of his own house.


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